Additional Services

High Profile Property Search

First Contact LLC has relocated an array of executives and leading personalities from the media, sports and entertainment world. We pride ourselves on discretion and protecting the privacy of the client, while offering an elite, concierge service.

Area Orientation

Our Relocation Specialists have extensive knowledge of the diverse neighborhoods within NYC and will co ordinate comprehensive and planned tours of areas of interest to the client. This provides the client with personal insight and tips about each unique area and community, the lifestyle, attractions and pro’s and con’s of each area.

Settling In Services

First Contact NYC provides a comprehensive settling in package with a focus on assistance in quickly and efficiently helping the client to hit the ground running. Settling packages include but are not limited to:

  • SSN application
  • Banking
  • Acquiring a local driving license
  • Phone set-up

School Search

We provide school search assistance in your chosen area and will present you with the most up to date research and data available for each particular school. We also provide guided school visits, upon request.

Turnkey Solutions

We offer a range of tailored options to deliver a turnkey residence to the discerning and busy executive.
With this customizable package, we deliver all of the comforts of home including:

  • All utilities set up, including Electric, Cable, Internet
  • Interior design Furniture rental – Both short term and long term.
  • Purchase of furniture, delivery and assembly.
  • Set up of household services such as maid service, dog walkers, personal trainers, grocery delivery and car service. This ensures a smooth and efficient arrival for the inbound executive.